Makeup brush set which good? 16 sets of makeup brush set prices

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-13

makeup brush set which good? Makeup brush is indispensable for every love dress up girls make up tools, we can use in everyday go out things, makeup brush set than single makeup brush, cosmetic brush set higher requirements, we know the kinds of cosmetic brush is very large, many beauty makeup bloggers often recommend a single makeup brush that oneself like, actually for newcomers, makeup brush it is better to buy a complete set of to try.

1, the Urban Decay Pro Essential basic makeup brush set of reference price: 513 RMB

Urban Decay really power this year in terms of cosmetic brush, the brush covered all the facial makeup look, including shading brush, powder paint, eye shadow brush and cheek is red brush, there is also a write cosmetic bag, it can also be used as a scaffold to cheng fang wipers.

2, makeup brush set Marc Jacobs five travel reference price: 924 RMB

well, I know this is very expensive, lady see come over, I run the first! Although it is a most basic facial 5 piece, but using being. it is said to be unique, the focus is on the packing of the emerald satin with tassel, gee yeah, that's right, this is lady!

3, Makeup Revolution perfect contour brush set reference price: 205 RMB

this group includes three facial brush, shangfen, block defect, grooming, overall moral is a set of carved facial contour. Brush fibre soft like a soft blanket, a crisp paste ~ well-dressed flash blindness, friendly price.

4 b - Luxury MALL makeup brush set reference price: about 61 RMB

luxury suits to brush! There are ten! 60 yuan? ( Black mark face) , you have no wrong! BS - cabbage price MALL brush ten pens, do not use animal hairs; Brush brush head design is reasonable, the handle can stand, complete types of brush to Europe and the United States is really have a lot of small niche brand products is the conscience!

5, Andre Loren makeup brush set reference price: 137 RMB

this set of 5 sets makeup brush is not only practical, the price is really, enough new hand makeup is used, and the best thing is it white holster to receive tube, can put dresser, travel is very convenient to carry and also very suitable for as gifts to friends.

6, e。 l f。 11 silver makeup brush sets the reference price: 206 RMB

e. l f。 Is a famous Chinese cabbage, a lot of big shop sign can find affordable alternative here makeup is tasted, the makeup brush has been a lot of beauty makeup Po has several times, there are 11 brushes, really is very complete, the facial and eye can perfect the details of the outline, the price of 200 soft sister was very cost-effective.

7, MAC Cosmetics Look in a Box foundation makeup brush reference price: 364 RMB

this will enter a novice! Provides the foundation makeup brush the top configuration, product set is to make every makeup novice can to fit in with the best experience. At the same time also comes with a black makeup bag have qualitative feeling very much.

8, Trish McEvoy makeup brush set reference price: 1545 RMB

well, or step down the brush for me! Delicate handbag general packaging, like for the Hollywood star to tailor, we just have a look, a novice don't buy!

9, Sigma baking shining makeup brush set of reference price: 577 RMB

Sigm is synonymous with 'perfect quality' in the makeup brush, this is a set of new products to market, with loose paint, fan brush, foundation brush, concealer brush, brush shading and eye shadow brush, his each each tool use, also can be universal, because wool is qualitative and feeling really is too great.

10, bh Cosmetics shiny white 6 sets makeup brush reference price: 89 RMB

first, but the best price, severe high praise! The appearance of the white gold and cosmetic bag is also very attractive, for the sake of material is very soft synthetic fibers, wipers to include a variety of functions of eye and face make-up, most valuable!

11, 697 synthetic hair makeup brush covered 15 times Morphe reference price: 508 RMB

Morphe did very well in the field of artificial synthetic bristles, you don't feel like artificial hair low, in fact, artificial fiber is more soft, good quality brush with poor as animal wool powder and a little makeup effect, and more environmental protection, do not harm animals isn't it? This set contains 15 professional wipers, liquid and powder cosmetics can be a perfect match.

12, Bobbi Brown makeup brush set reference price: 1374 RMB

when it comes to professional makeup brush, how can not Bobbi Brown! The suite includes is very foundation brush, very suitable for beginners, the product is introduced with detailed instructions, how do you want to have in life first set of professional makeup brush and have plenty of budget, this is the first choice!

13, Sephora luxury antibacterial brush set reference price: 425 RMB

Sephora luxury brush set is the first time to buy or sensitive flesh is a good choice. The most attractive is that it USES the mane of the antibacterial technology, the breeding ground for bacteria is considered the biggest pain points, makeup brush that I give full marks!

14, Too Faced teddy bear makeup brush set reference price: 446 RMB

Too Faced all the products can meet the girls heart. The sweet pink teddy bear series synthetic bristles Brush is no cruel, but it feels like 'teddy-bear-fur' general gentleness ~

15, Artis Brush Brush elite golden 10 sets of reference price: 3400 RMB

Nowadays, the adoption of custom makeup brushes in cosmetic brush manufacturers industry is quite common.
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