Makeup brush set which good? Choose makeup brush tip

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-30
Makeup brush set which good? Selection of makeup brush tip, makeup brush may in new makeup girl head impression is not deep, but from a Tony in order to master still need a little help, make-up brush is the makeup of the standard tools, cosmetic brush which good below small make up to and you talk about, and how to choose makeup brush.

makeup brush set which good?

bottom makeup brush: mainly divided into flat, round head, tongue and deformed. On most flat brush daily, powdery bottom to large areas of care, round head brush for partial texture thick foundation, tongue and deformed brush more prone to take care of nose etc.

detail brush: including eyebrow brush, eyeliner brush, eye shadow brush, lip brush, etc. Eyebrow brush and eyeliner brush is usually harder, convenient and smooth control efforts to draw more accurate eyebrows and eyeliner. Eye shadow brush and including small, medium and large. Small usually stop force strong, use on the inside corner of the map, medium used in the middle transition color, large soft is used in the large area of shading, let eye makeup more natural. Detail brush, of course, also including the sponge head brush, etc. , used in eye head, lying silkworm brighten.

choose makeup brush tip

first, choose brush: see maofeng tea

if the brush brush shape is uneven, can lead to makeup position deviation;

maofeng tea density is not enough leads to cosmetic brush, powder is easy to slag, makeup is not clean;

maofeng tea quality of a material is uniform, if the brush brush, brush shape round, such brushes, feel is good, cosmetic clean, writing accurate color range.

second, choose brush: see

function better cosmetic brush is not just a tool, but also help the makeup artist helper, a good brush tail maofeng tea part should present natural arc.

each brush is partition function, according to the makeup artist brush head shape to help solve the problem, makeup girl maximum such as eye shadow, foundation not break off slag, look line is not smooth, etc.

third, see the hair: the hair amount

good brush sets are not made out of a hair, the hair brush can choose different different function;

we usually these brush can be summarized as two categories: natural bristles (

Animal hair) And synthetic bristles ( Synthetic fiber) , good natural bristles soft smooth, the structure is tight full, rich thick wool quantity, brush hair clips, with finger gently downwards to comb, brush hair not easily fall off.

4, makeup, comfort, ease of

good brush hair makeup soft brush hair close skin, strong makeup feeling comfortable, like the breeze stroke face and can brush a multi-purpose, convenient degree of ascension.

so makeup brush how to choose?

in order to environmental protection you can choose artificial wool makeup brush, relatively smooth level off, the biggest advantage is that you can contact with water, paste products, such as foundation, concealer, lipstick can be, but also washes well. Hard texture to say some, but now buy artificial fiber brush to use and cheap, basic not firm face.

makeup brush set which good? Selection of makeup brush tip content is here, I am more recommend squirrel hair, squirrel hair, goat hair, horse hair brush brush, because such brush not firm the skin, soft stop, strong strength, use rise more smooth easy to get started. Cosmetics again you don't have good makeup brush as no effect, but have a good makeup brush can draw the senior makeup with mass cosmetics.

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