Makeup brush what to use?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-31

now makeup is generally, basically every girls go out makeup, then all kinds of cosmetic brush how to use, small make up take you see on the market makeup brush using method.

powder paint, cheek is red brush, brush highlights

traditional painting, is the shape of a hemisphere. Such distribution of brush, my face, it is not easy to put on very thick powder.

the flat makeup brush, can not be used for painting. Because it is a flat, suitable to use it to cooperate with bread makeup things, like powdery cake, cheek is red pie, these high.

bevel makeup brush, are commonly used to DaXie cheek is red, and grooming when used. Can let the color line feeling, where there is radian can get.

foundation brush

flat head foundation brush, flat head brush is one of the most common traditional foundation, the foundation brush good place is that it can be used to mix something, let the bottom makeup can be done to improve block defect degree can be posted again.

small flat head foundation brush, usually used in some detailed parts, such as eye, nose. Can also be used to paste on the highlights and shadows.

inclined flat foundation brush, inclined flat foundation brush inside don't need to use the skill, not prone to drag marks, can use this brush on a thin stick makeup effect.

concealer brush

concealer brush, concealer brush method of use: dab concealer brush, then on the edge of the concealer, dizzy catch the dodge will border. This is the perfect cover.

eye shadow brush

sector eye shadow brush, eyeliner brush is fiber to MAO, easy to clean, and have a sharp or oblique. Better draw the line at the end of the effect of air or stuck up. Mainly used for a wide range of eye shadow, color eye shadow. The technique is point to print and light.

eyebrow brush

eyebrow brush is very similar to the shape of the eyeliner brush, bevel, because it is better the outline of the eyebrow peak position and the effect of eyebrow end position.

grooming brush

grooming brush, brush hair is longer, the brush head is curved, it is commonly used to highlight. That highlights the position of the main is T area, eyebrow bone and zygomatic position, jaw position. This brush can very good balance.

grooming brush the trumpet, is mainly used for nasal shadow. Like in position between the eyebrows and eyes, very good use of the bevel edge, can have a good sense of transition.

lip brush

lip brush, can draw lip saturation is higher, the outline of lip with a lip brush. This arrow lip brush is more detailed, very delicate lip liner can be painted.

keep lip brush is the design of the flat, can draw lip line, also can to fill large lip color.

makeup brush what to use? The above content is the use of all methods on the market, after watching the small make up also is stunned, since there is so much makeup brush, seems to still need to learn more knowledge.

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