Methods used by the different kinds of cosmetic brush what's the difference?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-01
Different brush due to the use and material is different, the frequency of cleaning is different also, here to teach you a simple identification method: the higher the oil content of colour makeup product use the brush, the number of cleaning will be more frequent. Because dirt and grease residue easily attached to breed bacteria, make the brush to use more color dirty, and harm the skin healthy and so on the clean will be more diligent. Methods used by the different kinds of cosmetic brush what's the difference? Below small make up for your explanation: 1, the flat make-up brush flat brush can also be used to as a painting, the flat makeup brush is popular, only a few years on skin good MM can use this to powder, the flat top cosmetic brush on the feeling will be more thin than traditional makeup brush, because it's maomao is hydrophobic. High like powdery cake, cheek is red pie, these can be brush, use this effect pops the dalai 2, I sometimes used to DaXie type bevel makeup brush, and grooming when used. Because it is the inclined Angle, can let the color line feeling, where there is radian can get. Use it when playing blush more from temple oblique brush to zygomatic place - — MM careful with her high cheekbones. 3, flat head foundation brush ( Big) Flat head brush is the most common and most traditional foundation, the foundation brush is good place, it can be used to mix something, for example your blain to imprint and freckles, obviously, need a lot of patience, when using your face from the center to both sides carefully daub, especially the nose, canthus daub evenly. Every touch don't take too much, can brush out the smooth vanity. Features: wide flat, brush density is high, can with the thinnest technique, developed the martial arts of makeup look. 4, flat head foundation brush ( Small) This small flat head foundation brush, usually used in some detailed parts, such as eye, nose. Can also be used to paste on the highlights and shadows. Makeup good slow on the brush head is too small and easy to have a brush mark = =, local use as auxiliary was good, but the whole face unless you do not hurry to slowly. 5, round head foundation brush brush inclined flat powdery bottom, don't need to use the skill, not prone to drag marks. If the skin is a good girl, you can use the brush on a thin stick makeup effect. But do not suggest the skin surface smooth enough with girls. Round head foundation brush brush and face in vertical state, when using the fluid foundation with finger point on the face after, slowly in the form of a circle will open, the fluid foundation, of course, also can be used to brush powdery cake flour paste and so on. 6, concealer brush concealer brush is fiber hair, not animal hair, easy to clean. Brush flat, brush size, and the index finger or little finger's fingertip, specific usage is, portion size, large suitable for uneven discoloration, the application of the small young blain to imprint. From among spot printed on both sides to gradually, in small spiral way over. Mommy don't have to worry about me with a defective face walk outside. Features: flat, brush hardness is moderate. 7, conical eye shadow brush conical eye shadow brush, because its fur is loose, can be used to make the effect of shading, remove eye shadow boundary, the effect of the natural overreact. A variety of models of eye shadow brush with sizes, respectively applicable to different places, like a bigger one eye shadow brush is more suitable for large area color, small model is, of course, applies to the processing of detail parts. And the shape of the brush head is sharp, on some detailed places as well, such as in the eye socket, eye end deepen color to use. Features: the oval. Mao Shen more soft eye makeup more break, specifications and sizes, according to the personal eye type with different specifications. 8, grooming brush grooming brush for bevel or small round head shape, see people like. I prefer the bevel grooming brush, because bevel shape more joint curve of the face. Grooming brush general elasticity is small, can be natural powder. 9, brush brush specular highlights generally small round head, shoulds not be too big, dab highlights powder hit in the face when using need to highlight areas. This name is contour brush, I like the bevel for grooming, so this is I used to brush highlights. Brush size just right, highlights don't choose too big, after all, highlights the area is not large, unless you want to brush full face.
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