Name of cosmetics, a full set of tools is introduced

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-03

name of cosmetics, a full set of tools, cosmetic brush tool for classification is very much, for newcomers of their cognitive makeup tools is only the tip of the iceberg, can really use to so much makeup tools is makeup girl, but we can choose their suitable for new makeup makeup tools, cosmetic brush is essential and effect is good, recommend beginners learn more about it.

common makeup tools:

makeup foundation brush

foundation brush on the market is divided into three types of flat, flat head, flat inclined foundation brush. Flat feather slightly tapering circular arc, the most common is the longest use, flat head foundation brush best use in the eyes and face from scratch. Flat type feather, and flat, high quality flat foundation brush aggregation feather is concave, is the most can hit light effect. Flat inclined type feather material density, culminating in balance hair, density and length.

makeup lip brush

brush head is flat, made from lip brush with top yellow Wolf tail hair, more precise outline of lip, let double lip colour more full uniform, build a three-dimensional contour.

makeup cheek is red brush

a good cheek is red brush can make the cheeks pink is tender nature, natural high quality foot a round white tip pure wool handmade brush head is easily the best choice of the natural look. Cheek is red brush touch soft and delicate, the brush dips in proper amount after blush pink light shake powder at the same time, three-dimensional face in an instant.

makeup sweet stucco

sweet stucco softer than powder puff effect more natural, can put the painting more evenly pressed, do calm makeup make colour makeup is more harmonious. Should be paid attention to when choosing sweet stucco high-quality natural pure wool brush, wool quantity thick plump for beautiful, pure manual wool sweet stucco excellent tactility and strong grasp the powder, the shortest time make easily delicate makeup look.

fine makeup concealer brush

this brush is applicable to small range of polishing skin, block defect, and makeup. Brush head is fine slightly acute, high quality imported superfine fiber flexibility more resilient, fine concealer brush specially designed for handling details.

makeup undercoat eye shadow brush

hair eye shadow brush for eye color shading, strong shading sex and tinting strength designed for eye bottom makeup.

makeup brush iridescence

iridescence brush head is oblate. Shape the stereo makeup look more outstanding facial contour.

makeup brush highlights

brush head for the unique Angle arc design, for more highlights and shadows on the makeup, build a three-dimensional facial features. On the bridge of the nose white highlights powder can make the bridge of the nose appear even more solid. Chin sweep highlights powder can balance the whole face center of gravity, highlight stereo feeling of the whole.

over makeup painting

brush head is sector, thick flat design is mainly used to sweep off the excessive opaque after calm makeup without affecting the facial makeup. Equilibrium demitint

makeup brushes

this brush hair grow longer and slightly spread shaped, brush is made of high quality light peak in wool ( The ultimate in wool) Back and forth, in the eyes sunken place position dizzy catch, can make the eye makeup look natural fusion, eye shadow transition smooth.

makeup eyeliner brush

eyeliner brush is suitable for the liquid eyeliner, brush head is fine, the quality should be used in yellow Wolf tail hair, hair is exquisite soft hard right, are more likely to sketch a soft natural look line.

grooming brush

can be used to brush divide evenly cheek is red, also can make up brush away the excess powder. The choice of the brush must not covet is cheap, after all, is to close contact with face every day.

around makeup tools:

makeup puff

of course, is for the 'powder' to the face, sponges and plush texture. Many pressed powder with powder puff. Including but not limited to circular shape, ling, gourd.

makeup threading cutting

remove nap, adjust the length of each eyebrow.

makeup xiumei dao

xiumei dao is a kind of beauty tools, usually selects the high quality plastic and the blade is made and be become. Threading knife can help fix except redundant eyebrows.

makeup threading tweezers

with eyebrow tweezers can be one extra eyebrows pulled along the growth direction.

makeup eyebrow brush

eyebrow brush can daub eyebrow powder or remove excess eyebrow powder; Eyebrow comb to comb the eyebrows, cooperate with threading cutting use, can also be used to comb eyelashes. If you want to take out neatly beautiful eyebrows, still had better go to beauty parlour repair; After the repair of post-processing, completed in tool for household use.

makeup eye shadow brush

points, large, medium and small, that draw the eye shadow is more solid. Large brush eye socket, medium brush main color, small brush is responsible for the draw hook and eye end, make eye more stereo.

makeup brush

although eye shadow box with a brush, but it is easy to dirty, so you should have at least two to three, in order to make sure a brush a color. Swab the function of many, when used in eye, can dodge or erase part of the eye shadow.

makeup eyelash curler

roll become warped eyelash. There are press type on the market and scissors manual eyelash curler, also has a perm eyelash curler. Press type is suitable for beginners, scissors type suitable for skilled person.

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