Novice make-up essential 7 kinds of cosmetic products

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-26

new make up necessary seven kinds of cosmetics, makeup is most women go out will do one thing, the use of cosmetics - age from 4 years old 60 yearsold, just contact for making up of people they don't know how to make up, don't know what cosmetics, makeup needed below small make up tell you new makeup should be equipped with what cosmetic products.

a, eye cream. For this we will use to daily, a tender eye skin care and protection, before we make up can also be used to do to the skin of the eye a makeup before nursing.

2, block defect frost. Block pigmentation around the eyes and the color of skin not divide evenly. So that the eye shadow can carry out its colour, when painted eye shadow can be shown clean, administrative levels feeling and gradient.

three, sponge puff. To calm makeup around the eyes must use the sponge puff to set, can press the powder evenly around the eye, because eye makeup requires to be permanent, so a base is the key.

4, eyeliner. Find a fine eyeliner to complete the eyes look line draw the outline of different makeup use eyeliner texture is different, but both powder and cream or lotion, thick line of avoid by all means. Will affect the delicacy of makeup look, and feel eye makeup is not able to be in harmony are an organic whole.

5, eye shadow. Choose 3 kinds of color to make administrative levels feeling and the gradient, one of the most shallow base, and then more closer to the color of eyelash more deep, add layers.

6, eye shadow brush. Generally it is ok to use eye shadow brush, eye shadow of the personal habits, some people prefer to use eye shadow, or prefer to use the fingers.

7, eyelash curler. Had better prepare two eyelash curler, one is our common eyelash curler, another is local clip, can clip to the edges or ordinary clip clip does not become warped.

eight, mascara. Also choose two kinds, a kind of slightly sticky, used to brush the root ministry of eyelash and waist, is the place where clip clip, to finalize the design, another is the brush eyelashes slightly. Uniform brush roll become warped.

today to share new makeup and essential content of 7 kinds of cosmetics is here, but we in the makeup makeup brush when it is best to use the tool, because makeup brush has many advantages, such as stop, effect and can control the makeup look, have bacteria plus sweat will overflow, may result in changes of the quality of the cosmetics lead to uneven makeup look. Warm prompt! Must use segregation frost before use cosmetics isolation, must discharge makeup before you go to sleep, if do not pay attention to these problems are easy to cause skin becomes poor and long blain blain.

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