Picasso was makeup brush which country

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-29

recently there are a lot of little sister asked me questions, want to know which country is the Picasso was makeup brush is brand of makeup brush, Picasso was Chinese mean Picasso, is a south Korean luxury brand, in order to solve all doubt makeup brush brands to explain all the makeup brush and origin. For your reference.


Picasso from South Korea South Korea's luxury brand, mostly in South Korea south road, near to see the store. Yes, there is South Korea's rich people's region. Only sales volume small, the domestic basic fakes.

shu uemura

'shu uemura' brand from the makeup artist Mr Shu uemura. The creative concept of avant-garde and bold colors and is recognized as cosmetics master of the art world. Needless to say, the quality must be good price good for Japanese goods! Ahem, but domestic rare, is a lot of factory price is lower than online, you say?


bobbi brown, another will make up and then make the brand, the quality must be refined and less than Japan, but different colour makeup brushes, different racial preferences. For online don't buy a BB to old beauty hate taobao?


M, A, C cosmetics really have captured A lot of the girl's heart, but, I mean, but the domestic sale in domestic market, higher prices at A word. As well as online frequently 10 RMB 20 yuan, some strange really have so big of peculiar smell and so on, when all is should be want to cut corners.

is a production of high-end cosmetic brush brand of China. Japan is really good, but we should know more about the domestic cosmetic brush brand of the 21st century, in addition to set up their own makeup brush brand, also for bliss, appearance and l 'oreal provides custom brushes.

bamboo saybot

bamboo treasure hall ( chikuhodo) Is a top brand of makeup brush. Really don't want to praise for Japanese goods, but it does well, the local tyrants buying or otherwise look ok. I will be in 2 times each year to save money to eat malatang.

sephora - — SEPHORA

founded in limoges, France fashion and creative. I also have a set of, didn't feel too well, but also not bad.


hakuho-do is Japan, tired. Sales is very big, the domestic buy expensive.


south Korean counterpart, small endowment the favorites, but the quality really.

Echo 's

Korean brands, domestic reputation is to concentrate on making beauty makeup tools, cost-effective, the earliest CC BB Picasso wait manufacturers, so things can be at ease.

today for everyone to share so much, Picasso was makeup brush which country I think we have learned, Japan, South Korea, there are a lot of the neighbors such as cosmetics, but prices are high, a lot of friend still entangled with the right suit for himself, so try to look on the website.

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