Pony recommended parity brushes have?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-25

pony recommended parity brushes have? Makeup, pony great spirit in the teaching video mentioned a lot of make-up, small pony I was a true love powder, from just began to learn make-up to oneself buy brushes are learned in pony here, makeup brush how to choose, how to make up to look good. I have summarized below the recommended by the goddess pony parity brushes have? , explain for everybody pony recommended the use of the three new parity makeup brush.

the foundation brush usage:

foundation brush ( Flat head brush) Principle is through the flexible brush brush in the foundation, the foundation with its own elastic pressure on the skin, so the makeup skill is to keep the brush and 30 - the face 45 degree Angle, by inside and outside of the drawing is a little hard, pressed powder.

foundation brush ( Round head brush) One-time dab foundation, shading, outward in loop beginner cause shading slowly makes first looped places thicker than elsewhere, need to practice more.

the concealer brush usage:

cover black rim of the eye or larger area of defect.

this for your make-up box is a very good foundation brush, because it can help you make a lot of detail parts. Moreover, its shape is very universal.

cover and small blain blain defect, the brush is used for frost shape product besmear is on block defect parts are needed, such as spots, blain to imprint, or at the moment.

the use of the cheek is red brush:

use cheek red brush with adequate cheek is red, and then meet light paper, adjust the depth of the cheek is red. Brush after citing blush gimmick, oblique to brush. If you want to lovely, can with circular brush; If you want to individual character a bit, elongated cheek is red brush in higher position.

makeup brush maintenance

outstanding makeup brush very long service life, is not easy to appear hair removal, turn around, fracture, decoloring, and so on and so forth.

1。 Available professional cleaners clean after dry in the shade.

2。 Available good shampoo the shade to dry after cleaning.

3。 Avoid in special high temperature place to store.

4。 Avoid contact with gas discharge is a solvent products such as water.

today share pony recommended parity brushes have? Content is here, in the video of pony also appeared a lot of kinds of makeup brushes, these brushes purpose is different, if you have to learn make-up brush friend can choose their own like in the website of makeup brush model.

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