That kind of cosmetic brush is good? How to judge makeup brush?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-26

makeup brush gradually become women everyday items, with the trend, especially in the Korean wave, makeup brush also gradually adopted by men, and make up brush bristles with a variety of materials, for men with rough skin using artificial fiber can also be MAO, but most of the women's skin is more delicate and fragile, here small make up suggest women are using animal wool is better. Let's look at the makeup brush is better and how to judge makeup brush.

brushes is not animal wool, the area around all dab cream, liquid cosmetics brush must be synthetic fibers, because artificial fiber grasping force of liquid, paste is the best.

artificial fiber brush besides dab liquid, cream cosmetics, can also dab of powder cosmetics, such as mineral powder, diamond powder, blush, powder, etc. , but on the catch ability of powder and animal hair compared to many poor, because the animal itself with the naked eye cannot see number of barb on MAO, so stop, ability is better, there are also many powder brush brush specially made fiber.

animal hair generally divided into small horse hair, mink fur, wool, coarse light wool, fine light wool, fine light wool mixed squirrel hair, squirrel squirrel hair and so on.

one of the top of the bristles should belong to grey squirrel fur, the brush is soft and stop, high power. Secondly to belong to fine light wool, light wool, fine light wool mixed squirrel hair of this series. Followed by wool, little horse hair, mink fur series. Mink fur generally do eye shadow brush, commonly used for large area and wool brush, such as the cheek red brush brush, shadow brush, silhouette, powder paint and so on.

judge makeup brushes

the key is the quality of a material of the bristles, synthetic hair feel hard, difficult to brush color uniform, but it is durable and convenient cleaning. But need some brush hardness to achieve a better makeup effect, will be made of natural and artificial MAO MAO mix and match.

brushes little knowledge of choose and buy:

1, the bristles to feel soft and smooth, tight structure.

2, fingers grip the brush, comb gently downwards, check whether the bristles fall off easily.

3, will brush gently on the back of hand, draw a semicircle, check whether the bristles clipping in order.

4, to blow hot air brush to distinguish categories: stay for animal hair, the hair curly is man-made fibers.

about the makeup brush is better? How to judge makeup brush? Content is introduced here, we might as well in the process of using a makeup brush carefully observe the change of the cosmetic brush, to prevent the next time when use or buy prescient. Have good cosmetic brush product advice can contact the customer feedback, we will continue to improve the product.

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