The brand of makeup brush set to use?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-20

the brand of makeup brush set to use, I collect the makeup brushes more than me, I think the main reason is that I like it very much that I often use, if not use every day. Today, I want to tell I think something must have!

a. Sonia Kashuk precision pencil brush. Suitable for along the line to add shadows under or in the outside, or crease focus very dark color.

2. By Ya Xiang Li provide double makeup brush. Application of magic cream blush with shame! On the other side is very suitable for around the nose or difficult to reach the facial region use foundation cream. Use cream concealer is great.

3. Sonia Kashuk cheek is red brush. This is more than the other cheek is red brush smooth, I like this in the form of powder or outline.

4. Sonia Kashuk synthetic anti-wrinkle paint; One of my favorite brushes for at palpebral crease with deep shadows.

5. Classic crease brush. I almost completely to use it to remove with the shadow on the brow that matches the color of skin, to alleviate the eye shadow of the 'edge'.

6. Classic contour brush. Very suitable for powder outline in zygomatic below to add a good deep contour.

7. Big dome eye shadow brush. I actually have two! This is I used to eye shadow to be the only brush besmear on my eyelids.

eight. D) brush Maskcara toiletries; Like cream contour flat side, as well as the tip of the foundation!

9. Dome cheek is red brush. In short, I couldn't have asked for a perfect cheek is red brush provided better than this. I'm more concerned about is whether the brush for fluffy and soft.

just like you used to your hair style or design tools, I really think that you are using makeup tools will determine how the application effect of it? It seems there will be more good-looking! My favorite brand is Cosmetic brush. I like the quality of this price, and I have never met the bristles fall off or brush in the shape of a question!

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