The choose and buy of makeup brush tip

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-23

the choose and buy of makeup brush tip, we are picking up makeup brush will don't know how to choose, just feel good-looking or purchased by the introduction of the seller, but this method is not able to pick up a good makeup brush, here small make up teach you how to choose makeup brush.

choose professional makeup brush need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1, the makeup brush materials should choose animal hair ( Manila Wolf tail, fine mink. The squirrel hair) More soft, do not stimulate the skin.

2, fine workmanship, not scattered, not to drop hair, elastic.

3, buy the foundation brush must be considered! Wash with a wash, bask in two or three days at a time. Wash more time with than long. Of course you also can endure with wash again for several times, but I believe that the average person is to can not stand, not only not clean, use the brush was powdery bottom is harder than hands or sponge and time-consuming, brush brush with no washed more difficult. If you must use the brush to paint a good foundation, I suggest you send directly sell the foundation or to the people. Don't put the cart before the horse, for the foundation of a difficult tu buy powder brush.

buy lip brush also carefully! Same as above, makeup brush to clean trouble. In addition, the general picture daily makeup with few people with a lip brush, daily color lipstick even bite lip makeup can also need not lip brush.

buy concealer brush carefully! And on the two similarly! General liquid paste brush should be careful to buy. Use your hands to say again first. Wash your hands wash sponge than washing son all convenient. Another block defect had better use hand, hand have a temperature, is better than a brush.

4, novice recommended not to buy suit brush. Will use very much, and also use less than is not professional makeup artist may all don't know what's the use of makeup brush. Regularly light make-up advice or one to buy, I buy a suit can use less than a long time, there is also a waste.

today is introduced to the choose and buy of the makeup brush tip content is here, the beginners essential four makeup brush: large powder paint, slightly smaller and puffy cheek is red brush, eye shadow brush and concealer brush to remove spots and imperfections. Suggest beginners try to choose round head brush, because it does not damage to the cosmetic into too much, want to know who owns a good makeup brush will mean you makeup effect is good or bad in these few years. Want to learn more knowledge can contact our customer service little sister, makeup brush to clean technique

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