The latest makeup brush cleaning method

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-31

cleanser to clean:

these items to prepare enough before cleaning brushes, because of the makeup brush often contact many cosmetics, remains on cosmetic brush when makeup brush contact with skin, your skin will stick on the grease of the makeup brush, and cleanser has good degreasing effect, no harm to makeup brush, foam cleanser is cleansers essential to men and women, if there is no better choice might as well try to wash a face clean well, the first wet make up brush, squeeze cleanser apply to brush, then brush back and forth a few times on the brush board, knead gently with the hand several times, after rinse.

makeup water cleaning:

makeup water as make-up favourites essentials, washing makeup brush effect is very good also, not only can effectively clean makeup brush on residue, can also maintain makeup brush, avoid bacteria without makeup scrub clean, harm to the skin. Discharge makeup water effect is better than the cleanser, when cleaning the makeup water spray to cosmetic brush or directly import containers allow, finish wash, rinse with water.

shampoo cleaning:

brushes with wash water system is clean, because the role of shampoo has a fluffy hair washed after not written in the shape of the brush will have a bifurcation problem, use the shampoo to clean brushes can make makeup brush after dry and new, so it is safe to use. In the process of cleaning brushes, first within the vessel agent a little shampoo, put makeup brush wet under the faucet, within the vessels with some shampoo; In the palm and then put the make up brush brush back and forth a few times, such as eye shadow brush colour makeup residue will be come out, you can also use the hand squeeze makeup brush, the brush head of the dirty water out; Then continue to clear under the faucet other brushes, finally will finish all cleaning makeup brush with water, if don't feel clean can repeat steps before cleaning.

is the most important makeup brush after the cleaning work, can't literally throw, after cleaning the brushes, put them in paper towels, reoccupy cotton towel wrapped up press, as far as possible put makeup brush head hair dry; Pressure dry again after taking out makeup brush, will find some brush or appear forked phenomenon. Then take a tissue and tore out the paper towel down for 6 cm in diameter, then folded in half and brush wrapped up, be careful to package in the metal part as tight as possible; To use transparent tape fixed outside the tissues around a circle, note the package tight, strong points, and then push forward, cover the part of the brush, to pack in makeup brush metal, to encase the bristles; Finally find a hair band or rubber should be fixed.

the cosmetic brush brush pole tied down, then it is ok to find a place to hung up to dry. But remember to brush hair dry when it's down, not up, otherwise water will flow back to come unglued brush pole and metal. General eye makeup brush air dry in an evening, the facial makeup brush is depends on the weather, can be a normal summer night air, and winter is really can't say. Remove makeup brush after dry towel sets, cosmetic brushes will look like a little wet, just with the brush back and forth with your fingers, makeup brush will be natural fleeciness, recovery and new brushes the same shape.

if finished cleaning makeup brush urgent need, can use hair dryer dry, wind and temperature control is good, blowing down from a brush handle, never blow from down to up oh, brush will bifurcate, but also can damage the bristles. Above is all there is in the latest makeup brush cleaning method, have good advice can also give us analysis.

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