The material of makeup brush is introduced and using method

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-03

makeup brush material is introduced and the use method, saying to do a good job, must first sharpen his device. Makeup, too, a technology of the great god again, if there is no good tool support, also hard to create a perfect makeup look. Along with the small make up to find out the following.

makeup brush material

the most important part of cosmetic brush, brush is head of hair, have a plenty of natural animal hair, have a plenty of artificial synthetic fiber. Has a full set of wool scale natural animal hair, wool is qualitative soft, close skin no stimulation, stop, power, apply during make-up, at the same time, the price is more expensive.

makeup brush on the most common animal wool are: small goat hair, horse hair, rat.

1, wool

the first is a common animal hair, wool are very common and common materials, little fairies to use most, in fact is the wool, its shading force is very good, and grasp the powder is also very good oh, as an eye shadow brush, on its chroma is also excellent.

but it has its drawbacks as well as well, after all is not perfect, in general the low-grade wool brush is no maofeng tea, so some corner will take less than, and hair is coarse, tactility is a word, Mr. Zardari, and it has more or less used.

2, horse hair

the second is the horse hair, it actually the advantages of many oh, although a pony said water to wash cloth, will feel a little slightly hard, but it's catching powder strength is very strong, but also more flexible, the key is on the chromaticity is good.

of course, its shortcoming is relative, in general, some cheap horse hair brush will feel a little prick the hand, and a lot of time with some other materials in the brush, so there will be a little bit of said washing up not convenient.

3, squirrel hair

this squirrel hair actually can be said to be the animal hair of hermes, it is very rich, the advantages of the hair root is very exquisite, shading intensity is also very good oh, feels very soft and gentle, and my face after very comfortable, like spring breeze stroke, luster after makeup feeling is very comfortable.

of course, it also can't be perfect, the downside is that because it is too soft in texture, so the color though is soft, but it was so fluffy brush, suit to do heavy brush color powder products, but the price is relatively high.

artificial synthetic fiber brush Mao Shun slippery, stop, and shading forces hair less than animals, but wins in high cost performance, more durable, and nursing rise also easier.

makeup brush shape classification

different makeup, application of makeup brush size, shape is also different. All kinds of curved, apex oblique mouth or the flat of the brush head shape, brush a head line, arc is smooth, will affect the makeup effect. Brush sort is various, mainly divided into three categories:

facial brush, powder paint, powder brush, blusher brush, concealer brush

eye lip brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush, lip brush, eyelash brush

grooming brush, brush highlights, shadows, brush brush, nose film

because most daily makeup, don't need so many brushes, buy also is waste, sometimes merchants for cost reasons, a set of brushes, there will be variable quality.

the use of the cosmetic brush, the average daily makeup look, use the brush a few is enough.

foundation brush

foundation brush on makeup will make the bottom makeup more break even, usually divided into round head brush, brush head and brush the tongue type.

1。 Flat head is suitable for liquid foundation, from the inside out, from top to bottom to brush the direction of the pores. Suitable for pore bulky bad skin condition.

2。 Round head is suitable for the powder texture partial thick cream, dots and then looped dizzy, faster.

3。 Tongue makeup brush I personally don't recommend novice to use, easy to have a brush marks and more time-consuming.

powder paint

1. Calm makeup powder laid hands on him once overweight, persona feeling will be very heavy, so hand party calm makeup residue, it is best to paint.

2。 With the brush dips in powder or powdery cake, gently shaking off excess flour, and then along the face with a roller way, at the same time.

grooming brush

grooming it is a big project, where, how, trim everyone's situation is different. But grooming brush don't bother, have two can get most of the makeup look.

1。 The flame brush head can be either when the cheek is red brush, brush can also be used to highlight.

2。 Bevel brush head can outline, can brush nasal shadow again, kill two birds with one stone.

eye shadow brush

based on eye shadow I render and the shading, eye base color flat brush the tongue, and is commonly used in details or shading is need to be more slender cone type brush.

makeup brush material is introduced here and the use method content, makeup brush is a good helper, daily makeup is a hotbed of hiding dirt at the same time, so be sure to remember to regular cleaning. Read the above content is the feeling is very practical, has the need to make up brush friends can contact us.

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