The stand or fall of makeup brush how to judge?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-14

Makeup I a lot of kinds, animal hair, fibers, each have each class, and have different criteria for different parts of the cosmetic brush, in general, the fiber can only be used in addition to the specific brushes, the other is certainly animal wool is better, to judge the stand or fall of animal hair, painted in the commonly used honey: 1, 'stop, force, good powder brush to grasp force stronger 2, look at the hair brush on the face, a good brush on the face is very comfortable, not hurt 3, flexibility, into palms bump with brush, brush tip will not have to scattered around but central bend, tip top in your palm. This brush is very good. The characteristics of animal hair, generally good painting is wool, wool how much will have peculiar smell. And it is hard to completely remove the peculiar smell, distinguish animal wool to smell, no peculiar smell, it is going to be careful.
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