The usage of several kinds of commonly used cosmetic brush is outlined

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-21

There are many different kinds of cosmetic brush. Deal with daily makeup, can according to personal habits to combine makeup look. Each makeup brush usage is different, here small make up for you to simply introduce a few kinds of cosmetic brush usage: more than 1, the painting: more than paint in the last part of the colour makeup is used to remove more than dust and debris, can also be under the eyes, blocking out parts, to prevent eye shadow powder drops to the face and affect the makeup look. 2, foundation brush, foundation brush, the fluid foundation bottom makeup will have qualitative feeling more and well hidden pores, but block defect effect is not very good, then can be used in conjunction will brush foundation and powder puff, more defects in the cheek with powder on foundation can conceal flaws. Brush marks don't want to leave, when brushing along the skin texture and the growth of hair, and then will brush bent into a 15 degree Angle besmear again won't leave a mark 3, eyeliner brush, eyeliner when the mirror in the region below the eyes, the eyes to the bottom and then wear eyeliner. Because of the shade of eyelash line is not easy to a molding, is to rub the eyelash root feeling a bit of a little out of line. 4, cheek is red brush, blush blush and side cheek is red two methods before. Blush blush is in smile muscles before picture, side cheek is red is from both of zygomatic side brush to central, cheekbones to deepen silhouette, creating elegant feeling, so more suitable for mature women. At the beginning of colour makeup can use a light hand cheek is red brush out bedding face, then trim off too dense, but must be in the correct control good strength, don't destroy the bottom makeup. 5, concealer brush: because concealer dense than the liquid foundation, it is easy to bottom makeup shades at drawing, so must be used before using liquid foundation harmonic concentration. Width of the brush head concealer brush is suitable for the eyes and cheeks, besmear brushs should be along the skin texture. To cover local dot markings, concealer brush, fine brush head in the concealer points repeatedly in a spot place, until completely covered. Block defect when must use a small amount of dab, besmear repeatedly. 6, dry paint: dry powdery bottom to intensify the face dry, so thin brush on a layer of can, and then cover your face with both hands to make dry solid foundation lie down on the skin. Dry paint can also be used to besmear brushs grooming powder, can deepen the face of the stereo feeling.
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