The use of the 12 makeup brush illustration

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-29

12 brushes the use of illustrations, 12 makeup belongs to the makeup brush set series, 12 makeup brush set are usually include: powder paint brush, foundation brush, grooming, cheek is red brush, brush, nasal shadow brush, concealer brush, eye shadow brush, shading brush, paint brush, lip brush, eyebrow eye end. The purpose of each brush is not fixed. Can be used according to their own needs. Let's look at the use of the makeup brush.

a novice, need what makeup brushes

01, powder paint brush head

one of biggest oh, dip in calm makeup products, looped or massage evenly to the face.


round or oblate, foundation brush, brush head, will face in various parts of the bottom makeup product points, with uniform fine brush powdery bottom.


grooming brush brush head is oblique, grooming is very convenient, dip in opaque grooming products, uniform brush in zygomatic lower part and the cheeks.

04, cheek is red brush

brush head is a circle, make a lovely apple, dip in cheek is red powder products, brush equably on cheeks are

05, specular brush

used to local carry bright, dip in specular powder, brush on the T zone and zygomatic position.

6, nose shadow brush

used to draw the outline of the three-dimensional bridge of the nose, dip in taking shadow powder, brush in the mountain and on both sides of the nose.

07, concealer brush, brush head very fine

, to repair the tiny flaw, dipping concealer, point in block defect place is ok.

08 based eye shadow brush,

the cat is in the eye shadow brush, used for eye shadow base, dip in color eye shadow, smear evenly on the eyelids.

09, shading brush

round head, eye shadow brush, can make eye makeup more natural, dip take brunet eye shadow, in the eye socket for shading. 10, eye end

sharp eye end fine brush, used to delicate depiction eye end, dip the brunet eye shadow, ornament in eye end. 11, eyebrow paint

dip in taking eyebrow powder, draw the outline of camber after 12, lip brush, fill the

to slant a bit hard small brush head, used to fill the lip color, dip in lipstick, draw the outline of the lip after filling.

2, novice how to choose makeup brush

1, pieced together is not recommended to pay only the makeup brush, complete set of best buy will let makeup skills are more comprehensive system.

2, make-up brush main points animal bristles and synthetic bristles, novice is not recommended to buy animal bristles.

brushes are consumables novice practice too not environmental protection, synthetic bristles is now doing very well, the bristles soft stop, power, novice can also quickly at the same time.

3, make-up brush maintenance

brush must often clean, let makeup face cleaner can not only prevent blain blain. Cleaning method for

general warm water wash, fingers or cleaning tools along the same direction gently wash, water until the water is clean is OK, after washing a paper towel blot moisture, dry it upside down.

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