This cleaning brushes can make makeup brush more durable

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-01

a lot of people don't know how to wash makeup brush is the right way, the ya xiang li say cleaning makeup brush can let makeup brush what is the method of more durable.

makeup brush washing method: makeup brushes are generally two kinds of cleaning, washing and dry cleaning. Usually dry cleaning frequency is higher, but the water is a more thorough cleaning tools.

you need to use items:

1, professional lotion.

what I use is cheap to use a lotion of Osaka, Japan. Two points with washing and powder puff. The MAC also has a brush wash, is said to be useful, too.

2, can be washed in any makeup brush.

I wash is my commonly used elegant fragrant powder brush.

a, washing method:

in general makeup brush to buy after come back need to be cleaned to remove floating hair and dirt, and then washing frequency is about once a month. But in my personal habits, powder brush I use most will be washed once a week, then let it rest for at least a week, during change the other foundation brush or sponge. Because it feels after using the moist cosmetic, easy to breed bacteria.

when cleaning attention to handle and brush head join part cannot touch water, if you don't pay attention to the time for a long time may have come unglued. Before I have a Tarte grooming brush so degumming is broken.

animal wool brush

note that if the brush hair is animal hair, must use the professional cleaning lotion, otherwise you will wash brush MAO.

along the direction of the brush rinse with warm water.

1, the lotion into a container, will brush brush back and forth on the wash eggs after a lotion.

you can also wash directly into washing eggs, then brush.

if there is no egg wash, gently brush back and forth on the hand.

2, brush don't come out until the color of the foundation, through brush bristles and stick to the roots of foundation was out of sight.

3, along the direction of the bristles with warm water is rinsed clean.

4, brush with a paper towel blot moisture, MAO used by don't twist, I was using a good water imbibition kitchen paper.

2, artificial wool brush

method and wash brush, cleaner only dedicated to a puff. Because it is difficult to clean wool brush lotion mild, artificial wool brush. Artificial wool brush can also be used without silicon wash shampoo or baby shampoo.

1, with warm water wash hair, be careful not to touch brush handle joint

2, lotion in container, pour lotion, then dip in with the bristles get lotion after brush back and forth on the wash eggs.

3, rinse, then repeat the steps until the wash out the dirty things before, then rinse clean with water. With paper towel dry the water on the brush.

dry methods:

taobao can buy makeup brush protective net, with scissors into appropriate length, pay attention to the dry brush on the brush and then set can't flat, when need to hang up, brush Mao Chao.

I themselves have a small tool with sponge brush, because every time I wash brush less, so also does not have the dry brush holder, there is demand can go to taobao make a

summary: water is the most clean method, can have the big gen lotion is more affordable, and method is also simple. To find time to unified wash on the weekend.

there are several kinds of cosmetic brush quality and wool quality is different also, some of the cosmetic brush brush material is more expensive, may need to be careful cleaning method, as long as it is good to be careful not to pull out makeup brush the hair above, because of the makeup brush Mao Ba after more easily lead to relaxation, then gradually make up brush can only be discarded. Finish see such cleaning makeup brush can let makeup brush more durable all don't know if you learn to have no content. Haven't learned friend can pay more attention to the dynamic oh ya xiang li.

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