Those abroad cosmetic brush brand good?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-22

if you are looking for the best cosmetic brush forever don't know where to start, can help. Today we do not recommend the domestic brand of makeup brush, whether you are looking for cosmetic brush sets, in the budget or want to be a professional suit, the following are Britain's most popular cosmetic brush tool.

the UK there are some brushes designed to shape outline, mixed eye shadow, and repair and flawless foundation, there are Real Techniques.

Real Techniques Core Collection contains four the most practical makeup brush.

a contour brush. Can be used for any powder, bronze or cheek is red. Pointed brush, suitable for precise mixed concealer or scanning eye shadow. A small precision brush, can quickly pinpoint hidden, the last is a dome shape polishing brush, very suitable for mixed base.

Morphe 30 Master Brush Set, price: GBP 150

Morphe 30 type Master Studio Brush Set designed for professional make-up artist, so you can make sure they have covered the mammoth all tools in the suite. 150 pounds, 30 brush brush just 5 pounds, it is very good value.

the elf Studio 11 piece brush, the price: 29. 99

the beginner friendly makeup brush sets not only covers all the basic knowledge, but also has a budget friendly. Price that 11 is less than 30 pounds, once is more than 2 pounds per brush - Pretty good, right?

there is a large painting and two pairs of fibre bristle brush, used to coat foundation cream and blush etc.  Product. To the eyes, you will get three dome shaped shadow brush, a double eyebrow brush ( With a spool) And there is a belt Angle eyeliner brush.

Elegant Beauty 14 woolly brush, price: 34. 99 pound selling point: senior animal wool with brass material production, brush package with belt, professional makeup artist and beginner to apply makeup, very convenient.

today we explain those abroad cosmetic brush brand good content to cough up, foreign cosmetic brush is good but expensive, and domestic is bad to buy, if you have the choose and buy of makeup or custom demand can contact brushes manufacturers.

With technology speeding up in lighting speed, have created quite a name for itself amidst cosmetic brush manufacturers and it happens to have a lot of benefits as well.
There is always a question of how to custom makeup brushes manufacturer, but have you ever thought about the price point? Go to Siwuwei Technology to get cost effective offer.
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