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by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-09

to provide you with high quality | quality toiletries

toiletries as time goes by, the changes of The Times, a lot of the function of the brush has a new interpretation, take a foundation as an example, the previous traditional foundation brush is a flat shape, powder of the contact with the skin more considerate, adopts lateralization method, namely brush to brush the side contact face, now, with the constant progress of colour makeup technology, make-up products constantly updated, brush style and function upgrade, now hit powdery bottom, toiletries mainly adopted is also one of the most popular is the flat brush as representative's flat brush, can play farinaceous pink bottom, also can beat cream foundation, technique is no longer use the brush to brush the side, but use the technique of brush head horizontal pushing, cosmetics using a flat brush head part, maofeng tea soft delicate, toiletries foundation natural symmetry, now is this one of the most popular. Have also been innovation, of course, the new flat bevel foundation brush, also in production, will be more to force

cosmetics professional brush with exquisite division of labor, so the thrush has eyebrow brush, painting might have eye shadow, eyeliner, eye shadow brush, eye folds, and honey lip brush, paint, etc. , medium three brushes away before all the time has passed. But there are so many tools, cosmetics can completely replace the traditional makeup tools? Powder park, make up cotton is abandoned in the this? The answer is no. The most important step to colour makeup 'foundation' as an example, powder puff is still the best equipment and open foundation, but in the end after the sweet pink, toiletries and excess paint on his face with big sweet stucco, whole makeup look more natural, so brush before and everyone used to other tools, should be complementary to each other's good helper, rather than as something new to replace the old habit.

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