Use knowledge makeup brush category

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-07
Makeup brush category using knowledge, don't understand it doesn't matter then by ya xiang li manufacturers announced for everyone. A, eyeliner brush, eyeliner put a mirror on region below the eyes, the eyes to the bottom and then wear eyeliner. Because of the shade of eyelash line is not easy to a molding, is to rub the eyelash root feeling a bit of a little out of line. Two liquid foundation brush, foundation brush with powdery bottom, bottom makeup will have qualitative feeling more and well hidden pores, but block defect effect is not very good, then can be used in conjunction will brush foundation and powder puff, more defects in the cheek with powder on foundation can conceal flaws. Brush marks don't want to leave, when brushing along the skin texture and the growth of the hair, then brush bent into a 15 degree Angle besmear again won't leave a mark. Three cheek is red with red cheek and side before, cheek is red brush two methods. Blush blush is in smile muscles before picture, side cheek is red is from both of zygomatic side brush to central, cheekbones to deepen silhouette, creating elegant feeling, so more suitable for mature women. At the beginning of colour makeup can use a light hand cheek is red brush out bedding face, then trim off too dense, but must be in the correct control good strength, don't destroy the bottom makeup. Four, bevel grooming brush grooming general starting before eye, through the bridge of the nose to nose two side, and then the alar part repeat besmear to brush a few times. When the modified flat nose, can not blindly in the bridge of the nose two side draw a shadow, not only not improve the effect of the bridge of the nose, this also make makeup look unnatural. Grooming must be based on the round face, face width and nose small face, want to make bright T zone in order to increase the face stereo feeling. Think long nose is too long on the nose side draw a shadow, to shorten the visual effect of the nose. If the corner before besmear brushs grooming powder, can make eyes more deep.
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