Wash care makeup brush?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-01

makeup brush cleaning care? , if you don't love a good brush is good, not only it's a pity that the brushes and wasted money. So, makeup brush cleaning and care is also a very important lesson. It said the brush cleaning first.


some brushes, don't need every finished cleaning, such as shadow brush and cheek is red brush, but such as foundation brush, eye shadow brush and lip brush, requires that every finished cleaning.

method one: special use makeup brush cleaner

now on the market is not have a lot of special makeup brush cleaner sell, directly buy a bottle of can solve easily. I use a good makeup brush cleaner has two, feel good, recommend to you. One is big and cleaner ( Figure 1 below) , the other one is the UKISS cosette thought cleaner (leisurely The following figure 2) 。

specific how to cleaning?

you can with the help of a basin or glass, or cleaning pad on the market sell, to clean.

if class with basin or cup, can brush first immersed in water, and then picked up, and then to add a diu diu water container, and a small amount of detergent, put the brushes in mixing two times, can clean the basic, it with water. 。

if you are using the cleaning pad, is also a wet brush first, and then pour a little detergent on the brush, and then to the cleaning pad Dally over a few times, according to the direction of the bristles can be washed very clean.

if you what tools all have no, don't worry, your hand is a very good tool hey hey. This saves money and environmental protection method is worth promoting ~

after makeup brush with detergent, five fingers together, add some water, then put the direction of the makeup brush to brush wipe rubbed on the fingers, almost just clean water is rinsed clean, very convenient!

method 2: use brushes for cleaning box

this is my only recently discovered new ways to buy a cleaning box directly, use up makeup brush directly above the sponge rub a few times, the powder to remove will be OK, water is saved, the real thief is convenient.

method three: use brushes for cleaning spray

in addition to the above said cleaning box, there is another method is very convenient also, that's right, is to use makeup brush cleaning spray ~ this usage should be needless to say.

a lot of cosmetics counters have to sell, there are also online, we independently choose and buy, there is nothing more. General cleaning after the direct air line, no need to clean with clear water.

method 4: clean with powder

feel a bit weird? I also feel very magical, incredibly loose powder can also be cleaning brush. After each use brushes, on the table with a paper towel, powder sprinkled on a tissue, then put the make up brush the hair in the direction of the scrub, remove the residual powder. Must be soft, until a brush brush again on a clean towel color so far.

brushes care and maintenance of the

brushes in general are too. General cleaning after makeup brush, with a clean towel or tissue along the direction of the brush, the excess water.

then can be placed in a drying rack to dry. The shelves of a treasure many, personal feel very practical and convenient.

if the bristles are loose, worry about brush hair shaft after the blast, can brush on the net and then hang to dry.

can also use a rubber band such small tools, pour the brush with fixed on the railing, let it hang, natural dry.

some of the brush after dry in the short term need not, can brush on the net, or hold them in wuli girl's hair, avoid the bristles variant. Then receive back to brush or within the barrel makeup brush package is ok.

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