What are the tools commonly used cosmetic make-up brush tool types and functions

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-02

what are the tools commonly used cosmetic, the shape of the brush is protean, the species is numerous, because a lot of makeup brush looks were similar, a lot of little brother little sister don't know make up brush or confusing, then makeup brush tool types and function and use method you know, I don't know see below steps.

concealer brush

this brush is used for frost shape product besmear is on block defect parts are needed, such as spots, blain to imprint, or at the moment. Many makeup artists like to use concealer brush to perfect makeup look, this for your make-up box is a very good foundation brush, because it can help you make a lot of detail parts. And its shape is very universal

the eyebrow comb and eyebrow brush

beautifying eyebrow, a necessary gadgets. With eyebrow brush brush away first eyebrows dander, reoccupy eyebrow pencil, trace the main form of the eyebrows, next reoccupy eyebrow comb brush along the direction of light eyebrows, make the eyebrow color shades, natural coordination, final reoccupy eyebrow comb to draw eyebrow comb agreeable. With the help of the eyebrow brush and eyebrow comb, draw eyebrows nature, neat

powder paint

powder paint is a kind of makeup tools. Brush with it dipped in powder, in coated with pink face, than the softer, more natural with a puff. With powder paint base the advantage of light calm makeup effect, make makeup effect nature is not affected, and relatively save the amount of powder. Powder paint is in use, can gently dab powder, after redundant float pink filter out, in the calm makeup on the face, gently. Finally, by a pen a pen will face down on the excess powder paint except the

lip brush

lip brush can easily will be remaining lipstick use light lipstick tube, if there is no labial line pen, can also be used to map lip line; If there is some lipstick, can use lip brush out a new color, make your lip color difference is even more important is to use a more nimble and lip brush besmear lipstick color will be more evenly, careful.

foundation brush

powder brush brush main purpose lies in the foundation, it is because of pink brush has typed foundation will more deeply. Whether to use finger or powder puff, hard to avoid contamination on the fingers, the fluid foundation and this is part of the main reasons for the change with liquid foundation brush

eye shadow brush

can make eyeliner and eye, eye shadow brush eyebrow eye shadow to fully mix, the following parts of the brush the halo colorific administrative levels. Wool quantity is moderate, easy to control usage of vanity. Can easily show fine lines, make natural color shading. Can also be used to shape the nose shadow

cheek is red brush

cheek is red brush refers to the flat brush paint slightly smaller than honey, brush the top with semicircle. A good cheek is red brush can sweep rouge easy and natural. Will take blush powder brush, light get rid of excess sludge at the same time, the color is not enough to fill slowly. More can be used as a honey to paint or powder paint

met his tools don't know how to use, small make up today are very hard-working to collected the use of the cosmetic brush, enjoy. Make-up brush steps and method of use:

foundation brush: generally are first on the bottom makeup makeup look, the foundation brush is tongue makeup brush, brush with less time and more quantity on your face.

concealer brush: bottom makeup on face, after face with flaws can use concealer brush apply concealer on the defective parts, shading around the flaws.

cheek is red brush: in order to prevent the heavy hand, all the best in hand back inunction for color is adjusted in advance and then slightly brush on the risorius.

nasal shadow brush: coated with shadow sticks in nose two side, and then use the nasal shadow brushes.

powder paint: dab gently pat on face powder of different parts have a calm makeup effect.

large eye shadow brush: used for the render of the eyelid, can let an eye some deep feeling.

small eye shadow brush, the eyes are used to draw a little places, some important to carry bright color, do not need to be completely on eye shadow, only need some eye shadow powder on cutting-edge point is ok.

oblique eyebrow brush head: if you are using a eyebrow powder, you can use the draw eyebrow but I use eyebrow pencil I used for shading eyeliner.

spiral brush: can comb brush mascara again next eyelash prevent fly legs appear. Can also fade after finished drawing eyebrow eyebrows.

lip brush: the more simple can the be fond of according to oneself the outline of lip and then filled in.

what are the tools of commonly used cosmetic make-up brush tool types and function of makeup brush tool introduction to here, hope can help to everyone, professional production of makeup brushes, makeup tools, supplies more than ten years, the recent company not sent a batch of new makeup brush, if necessary to the official website of product center to see oh.

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