What brand makeup brush good: Pony recommend a week

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-20

what brand good makeup brush sets: Pony a week recommended again, look to see what made Pony recently ( The public learn) The dress.

the goddess Pony in live when making up the recommended single makeup brush, this time will bring the new makeup girl what new tricks?

Ebcbrush series of makeup brush, brush color gradient, looks like animal hair on the skin of a few kinds of color shading, and makeup brush design inspiration is the animal in the natural gradient effect in the show. Check out this fan painting.

these brushes look ever feel very beautiful? Because of the makeup brush bristles are made of artificial selective animal hair, with level imitation of natural animal hair color appearance. So in order to express the effect of the brush, the brush rod Ebcbrush design also slightly drab slender. The brown gradient effect is by a weasel hair, Because it around the colour yellow or orange) To implement. Of course, also experienced many times of trial and failure to reach the effect being presented.

each makeup brush is made of high quality animal wool and is supported by 10 cm aluminum rods, pink brush to create the effect of the 'girl', and to give people a very comfortable experience.

this brush like blushing cheeks, or is it like a pink memory. Designer girl atmosphere, meet all girls heart.

makeup brush production at the end of the procedure is for them to finalize the design, make it looks more flat and more like a paper.

'each brush has its own single function, but after different permutation and combination of them, we can, and the resulting new relationships and interesting story. '

finish see what brand good makeup brush sets: Pony recommend a week, if there is a wallet and empty, so the Pony hit the bottom makeup brush card you also satisfied? , the hope can help you find the love of makeup brush.

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