What brand of 'good' makeup brush brush science to teach you how to pick up

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-01

what brand of 'good' make-up brush science to teach you how to choose brush, selection of makeup brush we know first material properties of cosmetic brush, cosmetic I wool and animal hair, fiber hair cheaper price, animal hair more expensive, but there is no better what kind of hair, very not to use depends on the purpose and process. Wool fiber material and nylon material two kinds, small animal hair wool, squirrel hair, horse hair, raccoon wool, yellow Wolf tail hair, pahmi wool and so on. Below small make up detailed science for everyone.

makeup I class:

according to the quality of a material of the bristles, divided into natural animal bristles, synthetic bristles. Is not to say that animals Mao Yiding better than wool fiber, but want to see you this brush USES, such as the foundation brush is more suitable for the wool fiber, and a lot of eye shadow brush will be more suitable for animal wool. Animal wool has a lot of kinds, common for hair wool, little horse hair, squirrel, yellow Wolf tail hair, etc.

the purpose of the brush: facial brush: mainly includes the foundation brush, paint brush, cheek is red brush, grooming, etc. Eyes lip brush: mainly includes the eyebrow brush, eye shadow brush, the shadow brush, lip brush, eye shadow brush and there are many kinds of, because eye shadow to many layers, so the shop will be divided into color shading brush brush, detail, shading brush, etc.

brush design: the design of brush also points a lot of kinds, common are flat, round head, bevel, tongue, fire type, the flat top, the selection of brush recommend common type of oh, such as dispersion and cheek is red brush painting selection round head, large area, convenient powder is much and shading, and remember must remember shaking powder before brush cheek is red, in case the hand is too heavy, makeup brush, of course, this kind of things or with their own comfortable give priority to, not necessarily must the brushes can only do, what do you want to use will be how to use, but the brush is change from them.

choose makeup brush:

at the bottom of brush will choose flat or tongue, but the tongue type demanding cosmetic technology, easy to leave the brush marks, and because the makeup fast enough, foundation on the face to do. 'flat, therefore, more convenient, more simple, in the use of flat brush when making up, it has to do with skin contact area is large, will soon be well bottom makeup, and head of the brush hair, makeup considerate service, at the base is not easy to produce the brush marks. But if we would like to do a fairy want to challenge themselves, without makeup brush makeup, you can go to see the pony park huimin video oh, her technology is really textbook level, can be called art!

the powdery bottom will be better, on the foundation block defect effect will be better, don't try to draw a circle, so the foundation not evenly painted, powdery bottom is in order to make the skin color uniform. 'if the bottom makeup can make bottom makeup, then the bottom makeup is one of the most important step in the whole makeup. It must be with foundation brush on powdery bottom slowly away, and then pushed along the skin texture, the bottom makeup can fine without peeling. Subsequent makeup will be more convenient, more detailed. , of course, if you choose on the basis of the sponge eggs make up, you must choose a better sponge egg, because of the poor quality of sponge egg eat very heavy, on the contrary, they are more waste. Before makeup, you must first put wet makeup eggs and absorb enough water. To dry the water in front of the water, this powder is not so serious.

eye shadow brush generally divided into large and medium size, mainly used in the bottom of the big, generally choose flat brush, the brush is used for main color, flat brush can also choose, but slightly less than the bottom, the secondary account to deal with the details. Some girls will start with halo brush, apply eye shadow with the brush after dizzy, can make eye makeup more natural, makeup effect is better! For detail girl will start to detail vertigo brush, in colour level is more complex, details dizzy dye brush can be a very good care of details, make the eye makeup is more delicate and beautiful.

Cheek cheekbones and repair, I suggest also inclined shadow brush head. 'this cant finish brush at the bottom of the shape is very close to this shape, do not need to deliberately control, also do not need the depth of the high skill, can repair the natural range of the shadow, the shadow brush shape repair is very easy to locate position hit. Above repair less a few times, and dizziness should clean, otherwise it will make the makeup is very dirty, can also according to your own face shape to choose the appropriate repair methods, every facial repair focus can be different.

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