What cosmetic brush hair is better

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-29

what makeup brush hair is better, makeup brush hair we can be divided into two kinds, one kind is artificial brush, don't type is animal fur, badger hair in the animal hair, horse tail hair, goat hair, sable hair and squirrel hair belong to the finest makeup brush, and the price is more expensive. Artificial wool fiber and nylon hair is different, because of high performance/price ratio, and good effect has been a favorite, if it is in accordance with the quality and effect on animals for fur, what is the most important is to look at the use of cosmetics such as foundation, powder, such as animal hair natural defect barb caught powder more even.

mink: are the ultimate in brush, soft moderate;

horse hair: quality of a material is harder than goat hair, much as eye shadow brush.

goats: for the most common form of the bristles, texture is soft and durable;

the squirrel fur: cheaper than mink hair soft;

artificial fiber: is harder than above animal hair, suitable for thick cream colour makeup. And if it is man-made fiber, also there are many kinds of choices, as far as possible choose high quality fiber wool, high quality wool fiber can smooth texture, feel good. Nylon:

the most hard, used for eyelash brush, eyebrow brush.

in all makeup brush, degree of MAO's precious lined is sable hair, squirrel hair ( Including Canada squirrel hair, squirrel hair, blue mouse abdominal hair, etc. ) , horse hair, wool, wool fiber, there is no good or bad, depends on what kind of do you need makeup:

1, the natural soft makeup look, if you like or your skin is allergic fragile skin, so would be a good choose soft bristles, squirrel, MAO is the first choice to second best little horse hair is good also, because the brush is soft, elasticity is poorer, stop, ability are relatively weak, so every time take powder are not many, color easy to hold, to brush her face every time a small amount of, can achieve very natural shading effect.

2.  If you need to look strong and bright color, and make-up techniques can also be, cheek is red brush can choose slightly hard, this kind of extraction, cheek is red brush coloring range accurately, rapidly, make-up to blush location and shape of gimmick to grasp the demand is higher, can use coarse light wool quality of a material. And good quality of nylon fiber brush, brush fiber characteristic is easy to maintain, brush hardness and flexibility are moderate.

3, as for the light, thin light brush is more soft, are not many, also is the wool. Of course, there are some brands of large eye shadow brush can be used as a local cheek is red brush, now South Korea is also popular small cheek is red brush, because more accurate, may become a popular trend in the future.

what about makeup brush hair are good content here, and personal advice, if it is a novice, still can buy a squirrel hair brush, a lot of counterfeit and inferior brand also occasionally have squirrel hair products, the price is acceptable. But we should pay attention to when the choose and buy makeup brush, select the brand or manufacturer to avoid regular brush have no place to solve quality problems, lead to problems in terms of rights, if you don't know how to choose cosmetic brush can contact us for your guidance.

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