What cosmetic products need to put a refrigerator?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-07

we often see some stars or beauty talent will put some cosmetics in the refrigerator, the refrigerator will protect skin to taste better? What kind of cosmetics need to put a refrigerator?

what cosmetics need to put a refrigerator?

skin care products should be maintained in a cool, dark conditions, and keep the temperature not radical changes. Frequent changes such as immediately after the freezing thawing temperature, may produce demulsification effect caused by cosmetics lost normal structure, appearance, skin feeling, and even affect the efficacy, such influence is prevented bask in production is obvious.

in nature, most products will only need to store at room temperature, suitable for low temperature storage is mainly with bioactive substances such as some active polypeptide product, using natural plant oils ( Unsaturated fatty acid) Give priority to the product which needs low temperature to prevent oxidation; No add some protect skin to taste, the use of preservatives or class no antiseptic, in order to make it not to spoil, may need to be refrigerated preservation.

skincare products used after refrigeration effect with new

o. k to be able to get a better sense of the skin, also can also stimulate the capillaries to accelerate blood circulation, which is why a lot of talent recommendation with ice spoons on the eyes in order to reach to the effect of edema. In addition, the cold touch to inhibit inflammation has a good effect, especially in the sunburn and allergy after use.

but it is important to note that when refrigerated let cosmetics to cool the temperature is ok, but do not to the extent of the ice, if it is too ice skin is likely to be counterproductive.

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