What is a good brand makeup brush

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-25

what brand makeup brush, cosmetic brush brush rod materials generally have acrylic, plastic, wood, bamboo pole, metal rods, resins, brush the nozzle above 90% makeup are using aluminum tube, there are few on the market for copper tube, high cost.

the most conventional is the bamboo pole and wooden pole, birch is the most widely used wooden poles, on the other hand, there are advanced ebony, rosewood, needless to say, most expensive log is expensive, and processing production, only more expensive.

the rest are common, acrylic relatively more expensive cost, need to open mold, general acrylic is large to measure produces a style or series will select it, so the ability of the acrylic brush brush factory, are generally a little base, not a small retail. On market is acrylic, there are a number of cosmetic brush brush handle is acrylic, but they make up brush cost pressure on the brush handle, and the brush head quality was reduced.

makeup brush is also called brushes, generally consists of three parts: brush rod, tube mouth, brush a head.

makeup brush

( 1) Animal wool

yellow Wolf tail hair, is the highest grade in the bristles, soft and elastic texture, is comfortable and can play well to use eye shadow, widely recognized by the makeup artist. Producers in hebei province and the northeast three provinces.

goat hair: the most common animal wool is qualitative, texture is soft and durable. At the same time, the goats' hair and 21 species classification, suitable for professional makeup brushes are: 0, faded and yellow water rush in white, yellow and rush, rush, light peak, fine light peak. Producers in henan, hebei, wuxi.

horse hair: good softness, elasticity is a bit poor, according to the color is divided into original color, depth of color, black, one black is relatively small, the country, annual output also won't have ten thousand kilograms. Producers in hebei province.

( 2) Synthetic

press maofeng tea to points, divided into sharpen fibre and fibre not sharpened. Sharpen fiber maofeng tea a slender, soft wool top than animal wool has good elasticity, and no powder, easy to clean, suitable for thick cream colour makeup.

in addition to brush material has difference, professional brush with the brush head is in accordance with the different parts of the make-up in different size, shape, and present all kinds of curved, apex oblique mouth or the flat of the brush head shape. Brush head line, arc is smooth, will affect the makeup effect, so the brush head shape is also an important factor of influence on makeup effect.

soft brush more spread out, stop, force is weak, suitable for color shading or need a few times; Powder brush more intensive more hard, grasp force is stronger, suitable for strengthening or you need to use color.

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