What is the best brand of hair to makeup brush

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-01

now hair makeup brush on the market of a wide range of cosmetic brush what brand of hair is the best? These bristles, usually in the summarized as two categories: natural bristles ( Animal hair) And synthetic bristles ( Synthetic fiber) 。 Natural bristles and synthetic brush around there is no absolute good or bad, mainly depends on the price of cosmetic brush. General animal wool cost high price than artificial brush Mao Gui, comfort and quality is better, no matter which kind of cosmetic brush, to understand the value of makeup brush, cosmetic brush cleaning method.

believe any makeup artist will not hesitate to tell you, their first is the secret of makeup in the tool, the second is experience. The right tools, can help you accurately and easily want makeup effect. If the right makeup brush, they'll help you make perfect makeup look, let every part of your precision. Have a good makeup brush, cosmetic effect is good or bad means that in a few years.

the quality of the brush and it is proportional to the price. A 400 - yuan cheek is red brush, if you take care of it, then it can use a few years or even more than ten years. Natural bristles are the best, animal fur like a person's hair soft and natural corneous layer, it is easier to catch powder evenly make-up. The squirrel is one of the best blue ( Is also the most expensive) , but the little horse hair, down producing goat, and mink is good too. Don't omit synthetic brush, of course, they can be very good stick on cosmetic use liquid and cream.

in terms of traditional, natural hair brushes is more suitable for dry products, such as red cheek and eye shadow. Different kinds of hair, Including the badger hair, horse hair, goat hair, sable hair and squirrel hair, etc. ) Also have their respective role. Sable hair, for example, are both suitable for wet products are suitable for dry hair type of products, and the badger hair is the color of choice and control of color. Artificial makeup brush is more suitable for the cream or liquid products, such as concealer or foundation, because they are less likely than natural hair absorb the product itself.

brushes the choice of influence colour makeup effect, every part of the cosmetics are not the same, not to save and to use the same parts of the makeup brush, brush different cosmetics, such cross use will not only upset the color of makeup, still can make different cosmetics are mixed together.

in terms of performance, need not worry too much about your brush hair is natural or artificial - — As long as it can achieve the result that you want. Regardless of what material makeup brush should possess the following: brush can't too hard and strong, and flexible to be able to make you a good outline of the outline of the face and eyes; Hard and dense brush will more than the precipitation of loose soft brush color. So when you choose your makeup brush, please remember that all kinds of hair brushes you will need.

recommended makeup brush using the brush

foundation brush

mid-priced makeup brush, foundation brush recommended because of the color of the pink brush points of kinds, confused in order not to make the color of the powder brush, cosmetic brush to wash so often clean makeup brush, brush looks not so beautiful, beautiful woman has beauty, like shopping shopping, see a good makeup brush to be bought, so the foundation brush or not to buy too much better.

concealer brush

this medium oval brush bristles can choose more, such as the sable hair or the badger hair, etc. This brush is used for frost shape product besmear is on block defect parts are needed, such as spots, blain to imprint, or at the moment. Many makeup artists in the use of brush hair more rigid block defect after will give up this tool, but it is for your make-up box brush, the basis of a great because it can help you make a lot of detail parts. Moreover, its shape is very universal.

today share the makeup brush here, what is the best brand of qualitative content is the best animal wool, yellow Wolf tail hair, is the highest grade in the bristles, soft and elastic texture. Goats: the most common animal wool is qualitative, texture is soft and durable. Horse hair: good softness, elasticity is a bit poor. After watching these makeup brush is a point, we want more makeup brush can contact customer service consultation.

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