What is the future trend of Chinese cosmetics industry

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-11

as the most populous country, China is also a big economy, since the cosmetics in China its widespread use, cosmetics for overall consumption has been rising in straight, make up the most began to spread in Japan, and China in recent consumption has more than Japan too much, to become second only to the United States of the two big consumers of the cosmetic products. What is the future trend of Chinese cosmetics industry, from the analysis result shows;

'2013 Chinese women beauty makeup consumption poll white paper released in Beijing, the report pointed out that the overall consumption level of China's cosmetics has surpassed Japan, from 2003 in 206. 900 million, to nearly 200 billion yuan in 2012, ten years in our country cosmetics sales has increased by ten times, become the world's second only to the United States makeup former two big consumers, and is expected to cosmetics consumption of 300 billion yuan.

as of October 2013, our country has registered more than 3400 production enterprises of cosmetics, about hundreds of thousands of products, new products emerge in endlessly, from the national and local relevant departments of the inspection result, the average qualified rate of more than 95%. Cosmetics industry is occupy a larger proportion of the third industry development in our country, its development degree has close relationship with the economic development of our country, especially one of the cosmetics market and in developed countries, colour makeup general occupies 30% market share, and less than 10% of the cosmetics market share in China, although in recent years, China's cosmetics consumer concept must be changed, but still is give priority to in order to protect skin to taste, colour makeup in a second.

with the social progress and needs, the requirements of the international, the makeup modelling industry since 2003, 2007, growth in the future, China is expected to makeup modelling industry would break out after five, ten years after the market is saturated, but the Chinese market of costume industry internationalization and refueling. At the same time makeup modelling industry over the next five years will replace hairdressing studio.

cosmetics is developing rapidly at the same time, to a lot of cosmetics firms, this is a big opportunity, now the national economic growth speed, the 19 major policy of China in the coming five years there will be more and more people contact after a successful cosmetics, demand for cosmetics will gradually increase. That is the future trend of Chinese cosmetic industry is how all of the content, see more related knowledge can focus on our cosmetics, cosmetics.

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