What kind of cosmetic brush is better? Makeup brush how to choose?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-13

what kind of cosmetic brush is better? Makeup brush how to choose? , for beginners to choose cosmetic brush, that is equal to fish in troubled waters, there is no specific choice, many people are like that, I don't know what works for her makeup brush, don't know the material of makeup brush, everyone with small make up literacy together here.

a, what is the difference between animal hair and fiber hair makeup brush?

animal wool

advantages: qualitative soft tactility good;

disadvantages: high prices don't wash.

fiber hair

advantages: washes hair densely cost-effective;

faults: quality levels not neat hair makeup feeling is inferior to animals.

2, how long is the makeup brush to wash again? How to wash?

foundation brush and beauty makeup eggs, bottom makeup class tools need to be cleaned after each use, not timely cleaning breeds bacteria, causing some skin problems.

powder, blush, eye shadow brush

I often wash, with two or three times will of course still need to often clean brush, I generally use Cinema Secrets brush cleaner, can brush cleaning is very clean, slums, of course, girls can be cleaned with soap is also OK.

three how long you want to change, make up brush? How to maintain?

general brush 'Fried' MAO will need to be replaced, Small make up in the previous article brush has been written about how to prevent blow hair and the processing method) , washing brush, brush a head to pay attention to placement of the front, don't stand up to place, brush so easy to finalize the Fried MAO, best flat or down.

4 small tips, makeup brushes

hair makeup brush of the fluffy grasp the less suitable for powder force shading or multiple stacking, hair brushes of the more tight grasp the more suitable for facial powder force the part of the need to strengthen.

below small make up to introduce the makeup order:

to introduce how to use and choose my makeup brushes

concealer brush

I used two brush block defect is their own, the brush is suitable for beginners. Brush head larger applies to black rim of the eye, can very good cover tears ditch, can brush a head pushes away the concealer is very good. Small Tips:

with the brush covered with your finger to press the after, and it will be more break ~

brush head is smaller that the flat head hair design of tight, suitable for blain to imprint spots, and nose red place some hard to take care of the details of the parts. Have into may want to ask to buy two concealer brush, actually not necessarily if only buy a I recommend a small brush head.

foundation brush

actually for beginners, it is recommended to use is very good. Than makeup brush is easier to get started, if you pursue more advanced sense of makeup brushes will be better.

the tongue type foundation brush brush head is very tight, is suitable for the foundation, thin powder frost, use it on makeup concealer force will be strong, more luster. Small Tips:

brushes with calm makeup before using spray it will let the bottom makeup more break!

the use of makeup brush technique will be test technology, need to use the power of the wrist to brush back and forth is not easy to have a brush mark, for beginners is a little difficult

small Tips: use makeup brush or have the brush mark, can use various beauty eggs press will be OK.

powder paint

powder paint selection is relatively simple, fluffy tactility is better not to plunge into the skin, a man for a foot.

cheek is red brush

it's shape and firmness of the brush just fine, easy to control the blush of chromaticity

attach two dozen cheek is red

1. 8 game: suitable for anyone, commonly known as 'universal' style.

2。 Japanese style: red cheek to cheek is red light sweep in at the moment.

eye shadow brush

based need to prepare the three eye brush, brush brush color, shading, local shading brush ( Brush for details) , general shop brush hair color is relatively tight, tinting strength will be stronger. Local shading brush to emphasize some general eye details, hair is relatively tight, coloring and partial shading.

shading brush

shading brush brush more fluffy, convenient in eye shadow dizzy catch.

grooming brush

this grooming brush shape also have design feeling, it is qualitative relatively tight, but is not very good for beginners get started.

nasal shadow brush

general eye shadow brush can serve as nasal shadow brush, the brush a brush of the slope is more suitable for nasal.

eyebrow brush

in fact now many come with eyebrow brush eyebrow pencil, this the eyebrow brush glue on the other side to facilitate eyebrow, can draw the outline of the camber of very precise.

highlights brush

there are generally two kinds of shapes: one kind is the fan brush, the other is a tapered brush.

fan-shaped specular paint brush for zygomatic and bridge of the nose position is very convenient, and does not need to be dizzy catch, but difficult to take care of small C area, and other details.

tapered brush highlights

you can take care of some of the details, in zygomatic place after color shading. Actually ordinary brush, eye shadow dizzy catch in a clean state of brush can also serve as a highlight, don't limit the function of a brush!

lip brush

lip brush for the average person dispensable, convenient and the outline of lip, the personal pursuit of makeup look.

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