What kind of eyeliner brush is good?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-09-05
Eyeliner brush how to choose? What kind of eyeliner brush is good? Eyeliner brush eyeliner is a small tool, beauty when you need to draw the outline of the shape of the eye, choose a fine eyeliner brush can let your makeup more easily. What kind of eyeliner brush is good? 1, very fine head can draw very fine lines, but a bad operation, hands shaking. 2, square head can draw a smooth lines in parallel moving way, but you can't hook eye end. 3, round head front thin middle thick brush, easy to draw the size of the width of the two lines. 4, smooth bevel head operation good picture, but more difficult to control eyeliner gel color gradation. Eyeliner brush, how to choose to use is the key to fit you want makeup effect is very good, there are all kinds of eyeliner brush, if you want to draw the bait eyeliner, circular eyeliner brush is suitable for the eyeliner brush type.
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