What kind of makeup brush to use?

by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-23

what kind of makeup brush to use? , as we all know, the material of makeup brush are two main types of artificial wool and animal wool, wool and animal wool is no different in appearance, but the feeling is very different, here small make up take you to see the makeup brush works.

synthetic hair

advantages: for sensitive muscle is better, no animal hair smell, more hard. Artificial wool brush biggest advantage is not afraid of water and oil, are also more resistant to washing, so most of the foundation brush, eyeliner brush, lip brush is synthetic hair.

faults: shading in general, more hard, there will be a firm face.


advantages: the most common material, dizzy catch, catch good, color, there are more or less used. Wool is the main source of animal brush wipers.

disadvantages: low wool brush no maofeng tea, hair is coarse, tactility is firm.

horse hair

advantages: water slightly hard small horse, but catch powder is strong, toughness, good color.

faults: cheap horse hair brush will be a little firm, often will be mixed with other materials in the brush, reduce the cost. According to the netizens' evaluation, the best horse hair brush in hang on.

squirrel hair

advantage: the hair root fine shading is good, very soft, my face like spring breeze stroke, after makeup natural gloss.

weakness: the color is soft, because is too soft brush fleeciness, suitable for heavy brush color powder products ( Such as shadow brush) , the price is relatively expensive.

the squirrel hair

advantages: wool body satiny, soft.

faults: feather are dense Mao Shen have loose, more suitable for small grooming brush.

yellow Wolf fur, mink

advantages: good elasticity, grasp and wool fiber is very suitable for paste! A commanding lead in color. A lot of eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush is the shading ~

disadvantages: shading force, usually is more suitable for lip brush, eyeliner brush, the price is too expensive.

the above is what kind of makeup brush to use? Read all of the content, the above introduction you didn't know he is suitable for use that kind of cosmetic brush? , know your skin, according to their own habits of make-up method to choose the right brush.

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