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by:GLEAMUSE     2020-08-16

makeup girl to use makeup brush a bunch more high-end, of course, is also more expensive, brush brush several times than normal, because the good quality brush is not easy to produce, pick the difficulty is higher. Then we can see stars their makeup girl what is the use of all the makeup brush to help their makeup? Makeup artist usually use what brand of makeup brush? Below small make up solution for everyone.

most of the makeup girl is used by the following several kinds of animal wool production cosmetic brush:

yellow Wolf tail hair, is the highest grade in the bristles, soft and elastic texture, is comfortable and can play well to use eye shadow, widely recognized by the makeup artist. Producers in hebei province and the northeast three provinces.

goat hair: the most common animal wool is qualitative, texture is soft and durable. At the same time, the goats' hair and 21 species classification, suitable for professional makeup brushes are: 0, faded and yellow water rush in white, yellow and rush, rush, light peak, fine light peak. Producers in henan, hebei, wuxi.

horse hair: good softness, elasticity is a bit poor, according to the color is divided into original color, depth of color, black, one black is less, the national, annual output also won't have ten thousand kilograms. Producers in hebei province.

although these brushes is high but the price is almost the same, not much more expensive, makeup brush is due to come into direct contact with the skin, the quality and safety must be guaranteed, so as not to hurt the skin. The above is a makeup artist generally with what brand of makeup brush all the content, to learn more makeup brush content friend can contact customer service consultation.

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