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Xiaomi Mijia Projector Mini 60

Xiaomi Mijia Projector Mini 60
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Q1: Do I still need to pay custom fee?

A1: If you choose shiping from ES, there will not be tax fee more. If you choose shipping from CN, the order price doesn't include custom tax fee. Different countries have different custom rules. After we hand your package to the shipping carrier, the carrier will adjust the declaration based on your local custom policies.

Q2: What is the version of items' ?

A2: Please look carefully at the title of product, if it says Global Version, then it is official global version with global firmware. It supports google play and multiple languages.

Q3: How can I get other discounts?

A3: A. Get the store coupons on store home page; B. Contact with us to get more information about daily promo codes.

Q4: How to track my logistic information?

A4: If you choose the aliexpress standard shipping, then you can check the tracking information on this site https://global.cainiao.com/  ;  if you choose the DHL, more detail information please contact with customer service


Postcode: 35000-35999 and 38000-38999 belong to the region Canary Islands, not Spain. Please do not choose shipping from ES, we can not deliver you.


PS:After Update Firmware Netflix can download

Mi Smart Compact Projector Youth Global Version

2020 March NEW Product 1080P Resolution | 500 ANSI lumens average | Fully sealed optical system | Large integrated sound

The resolution in 1080P retains the real colors

Mi Smart Compact Projector supports a Full HD resolution of 1920 × 1080 and is compatible with 4K playback. With the new generation of DMD chips from Texas Instruments, millions of DMD reflective lenses are capable of rotating ± 17 ° independently at a frequency of 166,600 times per second. The rays of different colors converge on the lens to create a clear image, similar to that of the cinema

Four-channel RGB + BP LED increases brightness more than 20%.

Compared to conventional three-channel LED projection, the projector adds one more blue light path and increases brightness by more than 20%, to an average of 500 ANSI lumens (enhancement mode). It uses Osram LEDs with an NTSC range as high as 85%. The most vivid colors come with wider range ranges

Vivid colors and richer details

The high dynamic range HDR10 video decoding improves contrast, presents the richest details and presents the most realistic objects for a total visual experience.

Its auto focus on power offers a clearer and more accurate image.

Equipped with a high sensitivity camera that effectively improves autofocus accuracy and guarantees clarity and sharpness. It also offers you a motorized approach so you can do it your way.

Square pixel architecture Finer details and clearer images

Compared to the rhomboid pixels of conventional projectors, the Texas Instruments TRP square pixel architecture greatly reduces the zigzags at the edges of the images and makes them softer and more natural. In particular, the presentation of the text is sharper and clearer.

Diffuse reflection images that relieve eyestrain

The Mi Smart Compact Projector uses diffuse reflection images, where the projection light reaches human eyes through diffuse reflection, in contrast to the direct light of conventional LCD TVs. It is less likely to cause eyestrain and offers more eye care for children, as well as middle-aged and elderly people. LED : Environmentally friendly light source 30000: life hours of the light source

The 1.2: 1 projection factor offers large images in small rooms

The projection factor of 1.2: 1 is suitable for most rooms in homes. You can easily adjust the projection distance to a giant screen between 60-120 inches. Watch movies, enjoy concerts and play games, all on the same wall.

Sound effects offer you a home theater experience

Large integrated sound camera, super long sound transducer and high sensitivity speakers

A camouflaged Bluetooth speaker. Enjoy music whenever you want.

The Mi Smart Compact Projector can play music online through the Wi-Fi network and play your favorite music on your phone or computer via Bluetooth. Your music will accompany you all the time

Google Assistant that supports different languages from 14 countries / regions

Simply press and hold the voice button on the remote control to complete certain projector operations through the dialogue.

Fully sealed optical system

The Mi Smart Compact Projector uses a fully sealed optical system that can effectively prevent dust from entering the machine, thus ensuring image quality and increasing the life of the machine.

Heat dissipation efficiently and intelligently

The intelligent temperature control system can detect the temperatures of the LED light source and the main board, and adjust the fan speed accordingly. It ensures that the product works within the safe temperature range at all times and also reduces fan noise.

Compact and portable; versatile in all aspects

Delicate vertical body with cloth material in the front, give an artistic touch to your home. As light as a dictionary, it easily transports with one hand. 15 cm Height 1.3 KG Net weight

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